Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg

Erotic horror can be a tricky genre. Striking that perfect balance between scary and sexy can be difficult, unless you have perfect control over the story. Slumber Party Succubus is one of those rare stories that strikes that perfect balance, matching the atmosphere of horror with the human element of erotica.

Sakura von Sternberg opens the story on a surprisingly tender note, as Alexa and Isabelle prepare for their annual slumber party of bad horror movies and boxed wine. Best friends for years, it was Isabella who supported Alexa through her coming out as transgender, but there may be a spark of something more developing between them. When the lights go out, they discover that their shared dreams of a futa succubus are more than just dreams.

The language here is absolutely sumptuous, and the descriptions exquisite. You can feel the Gothic sense of dread surrounding the scene, at the same time as you can feel the sensuality emanating from the trio. Cold stone and sharp rocks. Hot bodies and soft flesh. The terrifying sexual dominance of Ardat-Lile and the delightful sensual submission of Alexa and Isabelle. It all works, with the fear and the drama serving to accentuate the lust and the excitement. It may have come a little too late for Halloween, but Slumber Party Succubus is still a gorgeous read.

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