Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Jiggly Curse of Hooter Holler by Lyka Bloom

Easily the silliest of Lyka Bloom’s stories to date, The Jiggly Curse of Hooter Holler is just as backwoods crazy as you might expect from the title. There is not a lot of plot to this one, and no real character development, but she does set up the scenario very nicely.

Rather than deal with the competition to be found on the beach, Caleb and his friends decided to make their pre-college roadtrip to the town of Danvers, Alabama – also known as Hooter Hollow. It is a town consisting almost entirely of extraordinarily well-endowed, underdressed, attractive young women, all of whom are openly flirtatious. Even though it seems wet dream come to life, there is something oddly creepy about it all – a definite Stepford Wives kind of vibe. Only Caleb has the sense to figure out something is wrong, but everyone else is too excited by the prospect of sexual abandon to listen.

It is no spoiler to suggest that the boys may not find the happy endings they imagined, or that the town of Hooter Hollow will have a few more bimbos roaming the streets come dawn. The sex here is rather brief, just enough to plays the boys in danger, while the transformations are almost exclusively bosom oriented. The silly song they all sing, however, kind of brings it all together and really makes the story work.

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