Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bending the Bookshelf's Best of 2015

Wow, this was like really super hard - I don't necessarily mean to sound like a gender-swapped bimbo, but I will take full credit for the delicious double entendre!

The team posted 132 reviews over the course of this year, and that's not including the 32 reviews I wrote for Frock Magazine, Transformation Magazine, and the Rainbow Awards. Needless to say, we read a lot of books during the course of the year, so coming up with a traditional 'Best of' list was not easy.

Instead, I decided to divide our reads into a few different categories (which will also streamline things going forward), and highlight the top 3 books in each. So, without further ado, I present you with Bending the Bookshelf's Best of 2015!

Best Crossdressing Fiction
♥ Girly Weekend by Lyka Blooman overall lovely story, one that's more about identity than any sort of sexual longing

♥ Pride and Prettiness: A "Reluctant Transgen" Tale from Arcadia Island by Kit ScarbroughScarbrough does a remarkable job of building an entire society in which we can both believe and even envy

♥ The Sissy Next Door by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear As crossdressing fantasies go, this is about as dreamy and adorable as they get

Best Forced Feminization Erotica
♥ Corporate Takeover: Brothers to Sisters by Lyka Bloom - Bloom engages our hearts, our minds, and our unmentionables in a well-thought out story

♥ The Crime and Punishment Collection by Kylie Gablebrings together three of Gable’s sexiest tales dealing with sissies who have sinned and who deserve to be punished

♥ High-Heeled Coup by Kylie Gable - she has a knack for quickly establishing believable, instantly recognizable characters that few within the genre can match

Best Futanari Erotica
♥ My Futanari Stepsister by James OenemalNow this, bois and gurls, is how you write an erotic over-the-top futanari fantasy

♥ Roommates by Soie Minou - a passionate, well-written tale about two young women who are able to see beyond social taboos and enjoy one another's companionship in a most intimate, imaginative way

♥ The Succubus' Sub: Two-Volume Collection by John Dylenaan erotic adventure, a BDSM romance, and a paranormal fantasy all at the same time

Best Shemale Erotica
♥ T-Girl Tales #1: Hardcore Shemale and Crossdresser Erotica by Crystal Veeyant -  a nice sampling of genres and fetishes for fans who are new to Crystal's work, while also rewarding long-time fans with something different

♥ I Was an Amazon's Bride! by Lyka Bloom - the imagination she puts into the story, coupled with her attention to detail, really does make this a delight

♥ Shipwrecked on the Island of the She-Gods: A South Pacific Trans Sex Adventure by Lacey Noonanone of the most well-rounded pieces of transgender fiction I've read in a very long time, complete with erotic highs and brutal low

Best Transgender Biography
♥ The Complicated Geography of Alice by Jules Vilmur - a poignant and well-told tale concerning the life and interactions of this very special child who apparently had a conduct problem and gender dysphoria, exacerbated by polysubstance use

♥ Tea and Transition by Nicola Chase - of all the transgender stories I have come across, Nicola Jane Chase’s may be the most fascinating . . . a story of acceptance and transition, as well as recognition

♥ The Walker Journals by gypsey teague - a riveting account of the gender struggles of a type "A" male whose nearly successful suicide triggers the start of a mid-life transition to a female gender role

Best Transgender Romance
♥ Be My Queen by RayeAnn Cartera lovely story that that's well-told, with remarkable characters, and a genuine feel for the art of romance

♥ Coffee Date by K. Lynnrises above the tropes is in its final scene, concluding with a difficult conversation that promises a better day tomorrow

♥ Everybody Knows: 15 Transgender Love Stories by Giselle Renarde - takes us from a world of fear where we worry that Everybody Knows, to one of acceptance and understanding where nobody cares

Best Transsexual Erotica
♥ From Martin to Martina by J.S. Morbiusthat rare erotic novella that manages to genuinely surprise and delight from beginning to end

♥ Roommate's Delight by J.C. Winchester - a realistic story that deals sympathetically with transgender issues, further distinguished by some genuinely touching erotic moments

♥ Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg - one of those rare stories that strikes that perfect balance, matching the atmosphere of horror with the human element of erotica

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