Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Castle Murkie by Adrienne Nash

Castle Murkie by Adrienne Nash is another fine novel by an outstanding author who writes primarily in the transgender genre. As the story unfolds, our protagonist Sam, after getting lost in a blizzard, finds himself on the doorstep of Castle Murkie. Arriving nearly half dead, Sam is taken in to the castle and nursed back to health by the occupants. However, there is a strange dynamic of afoot and slowly but surely, as the snows continue to swirl for the next month marooning Sam at the castle, his true self is revealed. Eventually, there is a spring thaw and Sam is able to return to civilization. However, he is now transformed emotionally. He is no longer the same person, now presenting as the lovely Samantha.

The story goes on to focus upon the burgeoning relationship between Samantha and her former girlfriend, which has taken on a whole new light. In addition, there is the question of whether Samantha can continue on in her previous occupation or will the prejudice of a fundamentalist, "boys club" type workplace be held against her? A tragic fire then places Samantha under suspicion of arson and murder. Before long, an additional element is introduced when Samantha is attacked by a mysterious assailant. As Samantha fully transitions, a criminal inquiry into the sordid mess is initiated and a forensic resolution to the story is finally achieved.

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