Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fourplay Fetish Feature: The Blushing Bride by Reed James

Flying the Futa Skies is three-part series from Reed James, beginning with The Blushing Bride, that details the dealings of Aphrodite Air, an all futa airline that encourages employees to please the female passengers in whatever way possible.

There is a very nice bit of futa mythology revealed in this story. As an employee fully dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, Vicky has been granted youthful beauty (explaining why futas are always so beautiful), rendered irresistible to women (explaining why they are always so eager to cheat with a futa), and the ability to transform her clitoris into a penis (explaining how she hides her monster in public). Most stories just explain the futa phenomenon away with vague magic or some genetic quirk, so I loved the background detail here.

When Irene and her new hubby arrive on the plane, it is clear they are in love, and even clearer that she is uncomfortable with Vicky's advances. This leads to a very hot public seduction scene that will have you squirming in your seat, and a mile-high initiation that makes good use of the bridal theme, including the all-important bridal veil.

Fun and sexy, The Blushing Bride has more to offer than you might expect from an erotic story, and I suspect the rest of the series will reveal even more.

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