Monday, December 14, 2015

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Futa's Discovery by Reed James

A Futa and Her Dragon is an ongoing series from Reed James that mixes epic fantasy with futa erotica. It makes for a clever twist or bending of the genre tropes, replacing the suave, charismatic, dangerously attractive hero with an equally dashing, and rather more well-hung, heroine. Take away the sex, and this could be a lost tale from the likes of Robert E. Howard or Fritz Leiber . . . but, let us be honest, the sex is pretty important!

Futa's Discovery introduces us to Isthia, a womanizing futa thief who is just as interested in sampling the women of the kingdom as she is in stealing their treasures. She's cocky, in more ways than one, and ridiculously talented, in more ways than one.

The erotic elements are exceptionally well done, with a delicious level of detail. James makes us experience the scene, allowing us to share in the passion. Isthia is a nasty and imaginative lover, taking what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants it - at least until the dragon arrives on scene. The fantasy aspects are more hinted at than fully explored here, but still intriguing. We learn about the geography of the world, the other races, and some of the mythology. It is clear there is more to explore, and I suspect we will see them in future volumes.

Futa's Discovery delivers well on its promise, and ends with a glorious tease of future A Futa and Her Dragon installments.

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