Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fourplay Fetish Feature: My First Futa Massage by Reed James

Futanari Massage is six-part series from Reed James that opens with My First Futa Massage - his first futanari tale!

Feeling overworked and overstressed, Melody takes her best friend's advice and decides to visit a high-end spa known as Ms. Futa 'N Ari's Massage Parlor. While it looks like a windowless strip club from the outside, the expensive cars in the parking lot convince her to give it a try. Staffed entirely by beautiful women, it makes her feel awkward and flushed, but excited at the same time.

The slow, teasing, sensual massage that Linda provides is absolutely exquisite. James puts a lot of detail into the setting the scene, right from the layout of the room to the slow disrobing. The massage itself is erotic, and filled with teasing 'accidental' touches. I loved the way Melody's tension slowly melted away beneath Linda's touch, and the surprising fulfillment of her rapidly evolving fantasy was cleverly done.

My First Futa Massage does end on a bit of a tease, which will leave you eager to read the rest of the series, but as a self-contained story it works rather well.

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