Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Why I love Futanari by Reed James

Continuing our Fourplay Fetish Feature on his erotic futa fiction, Reed James has graciously agreed to stop by and share with us his thoughts on why he, as a heterosexual man, is so attracted to the concept and exploration of futanari. It's an interesting take on both sexuality and fetishization, which reminds us that the spectrum of gender attraction is just as broad as that of gender expression.

I am a lover of Futanari, which has always surprised me. I'm a heterosexual guy, I've never been interested in guy-on-guy action. I love women. I love everything about them: their faces, smiles, hair, breasts, hips, calves, thighs, asses, and pussies. And yet, you put a dick on a girl, and leave everything else the same, and it becomes even sexier.

There is something so erotica about a beautiful woman with a dick fucking another woman. It's like all the fun of guy-on-gal porn without the guy's hairy ass filling up the frame of the camera (the worse shot in porn, by the way, is that low angle shot where all you can really see is the guy's ass going up and down and occasionally you see some penetration). It's probably why I like girl-on-girl porn so much, not ugly guys getting in the way of looking at some beautiful women being naughty.

Now here's the weird thing. I'm not a fan of real transgender men/women. Real pics of a gal with dick don't do anything for me. Anime pics of dickgirls=hot. Reading about dickgirls=hot. Seeing a man or woman that's started the transgender process=not hot. I really don't why, until I did some research.
Ogi Ogas, Ph.D. and Sai Gaddam, Ph.D. have studied why heterosexual men are attracted to this subset of porn and have dubbed it the Erotical Illusion. The cross of very feminine figures with penises distorts sexual cues and makes something novel, and since our brains are wired to seek out novel experiences, intense, sexual arousal follows. You can read more on their article here which goes into greater detail about many subsets of erotica: slash fiction, shemale, humantauria, and talks about male Erotical Illusions versus female Erotical Illusions.

So why can I be aroused by an anime pic of a hot girl with a dick and not be aroused by an actual transgendered person with a pair and breasts and a dick? It's an illusion. I think of the dickgirl as being first and foremost a girl, and it's hard for me to think of a real person with a dick as anything but a guy, no matter how great her boob job might be. Thanks to the Erotical Illusion, it keeps me firmly believing in my heterosexual masculinity when I'm spanking it to a hot chick with a dick fucking another hot chick!

I have written more than a few futanari stories. I hope you will come to love dickgirls as much as I do!

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  1. Great take! That Ogas-Gaddam video has always made perfect sense to me--and their comments re: women and vampires are also instructive!