Monday, December 21, 2015

He's Stuck as a Schoolgirl by Mindi Flyth

That’s what friends are for.

Author Mindi Flyth is a master of the transgender genre. In her latest work, a novella titled "He's Stuck as a Schoolgirl: A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice," a magic spell goes awry and an ineffectual young man accidentally transforms himself into a 10 year-old schoolgirl.

Although life as a 27 year-old male wasn't exactly pleasant for Joe, as sweet little Josie he now has to put up with schoolmate bullying and other childhood embarrassments such as being talked to like he was not really a person. While retaining Joe's original personality, the "Josie" personality begins to emerge in our schoolgirl. "Hissy fits" and pre-pubescence are deftly incorporated with prurient male desires. How the author integrates these conflicts is pure art. The whole formula is so tastefully and humorously done that it really works.

Our little heroine does everything in her power to rectify her initial horrible magical mistake and change herself back to her former self. In the process, she comes to some wonderful realizations. The question we are left with is, "Can a little school girl learn to become a happier person than a 27-year-old male who takes little or no responsibility for his life?

This is a good one!

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