Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Prison Rules by Sally Jupiter

Prison Rules by Sally Jupiter is a Kafkaesque tale of a young man, ostensibly wrongly convicted of the stabbing murder of his wife. It is an extremely complex novel, as evidenced by the feelings it evokes. I believe that most of us have had the disappointing experience of getting hooked on a book, only to have it conclude with the trite “it was all just the protagonist's dream” ending.

As I read this novel, becoming completely immersed and mesmerized by the horror of it, I actually found myself wishing that it would end that way, as just some terrible dream. However, this is a book that is so far out there, yet so possible and reality-based, that reading it was, as they say, like watching a train wreck.

Prison Rules generates extreme contrasts and evokes mixed feelings certain to play on the mind of those who are gender dysphoric. I was going to say that what happened to the main character at San Quentin Prison was beyond belief, but upon reflection, it actually was not.  Rest assured this is a novel that titillates the readers' wildest fantasies.

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