Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Prisoner on Futa Island by J.A. Dolan

If there is one thing rarer than authors who know how to portray futanari characters properly (their dual genitalia is key) it is those authors who willingly dabble in the realm of futa-on-male erotica. Seriously, take a look on Amazon and you will find over 1300 stories dealing with futa-on-female encounters, but less than 150 dealing with futa-on-male relationships. It is definitely something of a niche fetish, which is what makes a collection like Prisoner on Futa Island so exciting.

J.A. Dolan has collected all 5 of their Prisoner on Futa Island stories in this heavily-discounted collection, offering up over 100 pages of well-written futa-on-male erotica, complete with a decent story arc to pull it all together.

When a storm leaves him shipwrecked on an unknown island, Peter discovers that the price of his eventual freedom is a year of service to the first woman who finds him - an incredibly well-endowed futa Mistress who is very excited to have collared her first slave. Despite his reluctance to serve, he eventually makes the best of his situation, especially since the alternatives include being left to die in the jungle, or being collared by a far more aggressive Mistress.

Dolan does a lovely job of evolving Peter's submission, taking him from frightened and reluctant, to passionate and appreciative. He comes to understand that he is property, a slave to be used by any of inhabitant of Futa Island, and develops enough genuine affection towards Mistress Denra to want to make her proud. It is not an easy life, especially when he is made the centerpiece of a ceremonial gangbang or sent to serve Mistress Denra's angry sister, but he accounts himself very well. This is an extremely sexual tale, and I daresay readers will have a hard time finishing it before finishing themselves - if you know what I mean!

There is a legitimate story arc here, and some real character development, but it is (of course) the erotic aspects that drive it. Dolan does a superb job of taking us through Peter's evolution, watching as he learns to accommodate both the size and passion of the island's inhabitants, and spends enough time on the intellectual and emotional aspects to really justify the depths of his physical submission. More importantly, Dolan walks that fine line between sex and gender, allowing Peter to enjoy being penetrated by the massive endowments of his futa Mistresses, without losing sight of their exquisite femininity.

Prisoner on Futa Island is a fun and sexy story that does have some dark aspects, but which also puts a surprisingly empowering twist on the idea of happily-ever-after. There is enough variety in the scenarios to keep the 5 chapters from becoming repetitive, and enough plot/character development to really justify Peter's ultimate submission. It is an exaggerated fantasy, no doubt, but that just makes the final satisfaction that much more intense.

Reviewed by Sally

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