Monday, December 7, 2015

Slave Life: Part 2 – Possessed by Alyssa Von Synn

When we last saw Nico, he was adjusting to his new life as Evie, excited by the prospect of being take home by her new Master. With Slave Life: Part 2 – Possessed, Alyssa Von Synn reveals what that new life entails, lets us in on a few more secrets of The Project, and also explores just where his old life intersects with her new one.

The natural progression here of Evie's highly sexualized life is fascinating. I love the way Synn allows Even to be a woman in every sense of the word, craving the touch of a man, longing to be dominated, and so blissfully desperate to lose her newfound virginity. There is a nice balance of BDSM, dominance/submission, and romance here, developing Evie as a woman as well as a slave. She is fortunate to have been purchased on a whim by a decent Master, a man who wants to enjoy her company, not humiliate or degrade her.

There are a few surprises to this second chapter, most of them revolving around the reappearance of the vice cop who was responsible for Nico's arrest. She knows more about his new life than she is supposed to, revealing significant flaws in The Project, and what she reveals to Evie's new Master opens up some dangerous possibilities. It also allows Evie to assert some of her independence, however, and develops that intersection of new life and old

Once again, Synn demonstrates a wonderful narrative flair, a strong grasp of characters, and a sincere appreciation for the erotic elements. Even with the mystery and novelty of the first chapter already revealed, Possessed is still a thoroughly enjoyable tale.

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