Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Complicated Geography of Alice by Jules Vilmur

I won’t forget Alice.

As I was listening to author Jules Vilmur's book, “The Complicated Geography of Alice” on my Kindle and enjoying it very much, I knew in advance that I wasn't planning to review it. I didn't think I could add anything to all the glowing comments about this poignant and well-told tale concerning the life and interactions of this very special child who apparently had a conduct problem and gender dysphoria, exacerbated by polysubstance use. Which issue came first though, we will never know.

When I finally came to the end of this fine book, my mind was blown. I was completely taken by surprise with the unexpected ending. I decided that I needed to say something, both for the sake of Alice's family and for my own peace of mind. My heart goes out to author Jules Vilmur and her family. It seems that my own 17 year-old son suffered a similar fate in 1998. So, as I was out for my walk today and listening to this incredible tale, it all came flooding back and my tears began to flow. What an experience to go through as a parent. We never signed up for this. Just know that time is a great healer. Stay strong.

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