Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Walker Journals by Gypsey Teague

I found "The Walker Journals," by Gypsey Teague to be a riveting account of the gender struggles of a type "A" male who has been outwardly successful in all his endeavors. However, achievement in academicia, sports and family are not enough for a person who cannot be true to himself. Finally, a nearly successful suicide triggers the start of a mid-life transition to a female gender role.

According to the author, this work is loosely-based on real-life experiences and her fictional account of several years in the life of "Stephanie" is complete in almost every way. Where it falls down just a bit is only in the aspect of sexuality, where there is never even the slightest hint of any struggle or conflict. It is always assumed that if Stephanie's wife will remain in the relationship, Stephanie will never even have a thought of looking at the possibility of a heterosexual side.

That would have been an interesting topic to explore.

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