Thursday, January 14, 2016

Femi-Factory: The Revenge By Tasha Tran

I don’t think I’ve read anything from Tasha Tran before, but I’m sure I’ll read more.  Femi-Factory: The Revenge feels like it should be part of a series, especially given the opening that begins with our protagonist, Trevor, finding himself in the dark, alone and confused.  His confusion only deepens when he is confronted with a trio of seductive women he’s met in a bar the night before.

The most outspoken of the women, Juliana, reveals herself to be the creator of the other, busty girls.  As you might have guessed, these nymphets are former men who contributed to Juliana’s humiliation when she lived a life as a male.  Brutally beaten by these boys, Juliana recreates herself as a shemale and exacts revenge on two of the three perpetrators, turning them into mindless, cum-hungry bimbo shemales who worship Juliana.

Trevor, of course, is the third member of the former bullies, made more responsible by the fact that he was once the dear friend of Paul before he became Juliana, and, in fact, lured Paul into the trap that would send Paul to the hospital.

His betrayal is at the core of the story, but it’s made more interesting by the fact that he denies no blame and actually attempts to seek forgiveness before Juliana can transform him into a living embodiment of her wrath – a being of pure sexual need and devotion to Juliana, but unable to orgasm herself.  Buried beneath this new personality, Trevor is forced to experience the humiliation and degradation of being a toy for use by Juliana and anyone else she chooses.

While Femi-Factory: The Revenge isn’t the first story to use the gender-transformation-as-revenge premise, the fact that our antagonist, Juliana, is surprised by the humanity in her victim makes the tale feel unique among many of these types of stories.  Trevor is also interesting in his regret and lack of real villainy which makes him more sympathetic in a sea of tales which feature the bullying male-turned-bimbo.  His desire to find repentance through his punishment makes him more compelling, too, and I found myself curious to see how the story would resolve itself from a purely character-based standpoint.

That said, this is, at heart, a story designed to titillate and Tara Tran knows that’s the sort of story she is writing, and she fills the pages with some genuine heat.  She has a gift for writing scenes of sexual abandon and the accompanying humiliation for our protagonist, and the two centerpiece sex scenes are steamy enough to warrant their length.

While Femi-Factory: The Revenge isn’t a classic of its type, the surprisingly weighty underpinnings of the tale and the shifting motivations of Juliana make it a more compelling read than many stories written with sex in mind.  Tasha Tran is also a fluid writer with a talent for description, and I hope to see more from her in the future, perhaps even something set prior to the events of this story to reveal the origins of her two bimbo sidekicks.  If you’re looking for a quick, sultry read that has enough substance to justify your time, this comes recommended.

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