Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Force Feminized and Dominated at the Dorm by Mindi Harris

Wow, can you say unhealthy obsession? Stephanie is a beautiful coed who became obsessed with forcibly feminizing Mark back in high school. She had big plans for humiliation, but Mark weaseled out of it by pretending to be sick for the day she won with him at a charity auction. Years later, with the two in college together, she takes advantage of the moment and rigs a bet to bring him under her control . . . and then takes it to extremes.

Force Feminized and Dominated at the Dorm is a fun, but cruel, story of how a Coed Transforms a College Kid into a Sexy Slut. Lovers of femdom, forced feminization, and humiliation will find a lot to enjoy in this latest from Mindi Harris. Stephanie does not just feminize Mark, she completely destroys his old life and removes any opportunity to return to his male life. Apparently, theirs is a cruel college, because fratboys and roommates alike are all to eager to aid her in her efforts. It helps, of course, that there is a shy jock who has the hots for Mark in both his forms, and a dorm dominatrix who is all too eager to take Mark in as a new roommate, with nightly peggings the price of his rent.

If there is one flaw in the story, it is simply that I would have liked more erotic detail. Stephanie's power trip is exquisitely portrayed, and the forced feminization is nicely detailed, but I found the erotic scenes a little too quick - almost glossed over. That may just be a personal preference - the story is more about humiliation than eroticism - but I wanted to know more about what Mark was feeling. There is a small measure of romance, which is a pleasant surprise, and I must admit I am curious to see what a trip home will bring . . . and what a return to Mark's date (and his dominatrix roommate) might mean for the future.


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