Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fourplay Fetish Feature: HER DOMAIN by Goddess Victoria Black

If you are looking for a good place to start with the erotic female domination fiction of Goddess Victoria Black, then look no further - HER DOMAIN is the only proper place to begin. An omnibus collection of her best fiction, the special edition also includes some bonus stories along with full color images of the Goddess herself. It is perfect for those readers who appreciate a visual cue to their fictional submission.

Broken Toys is a really interesting tale to start the collection, because it seems to set a rather cruel and humiliating tone for the stories that follow, only to be redeemed by a clever twist at the end.

Letter to a Future Domina is just a lovely tale in which an anxious husband confesses his darkest fantasies to his wife in a carefully penned letter, only for them to discover she is just as drawn to power as he is to submission, and it is no longer he who will define their fantasies.

Woman in Boots and Man on his Knees is, as you might expect, a female domination tale that is heavy on boot worship, with one man's secret fetish putting him in a precarious situation in the office.

Prey to Her is a very dark and violent tale, one in which there are no limits to the edge of one woman's passion, no matter how may have to die to fulfill her desires.

The Humiliation Game is just that, a game, in which three women choose a victim to humiliate and bring to heel - quite literally.

Her New Pet is a powerful tale of revenge and submission, in which an arrogant, wealthy husband is punished for his indiscretions through some rather extreme (and comprehensive) pet training.

Revenge is Not a Dish, It's a Meal is the most fantastical of the stories collected here, with a young woman being taught dark magic by her mother in order to create her own puppy farm while getting revenge on those who humiliated her.

Submitting to Lisa is an exquisite story that deals with themes of female domination, humiliation, pet training, forced feminization, and reluctant bisexuality, taking a young man from the public admission of his fantasies to the public celebration of his new life. [You can read my complete review here.]

She Rules was my favorite of the collection, in which a young man braves his deepest, most elaborate fantasies by submitting himself to a weekend at The House of Domination where he will learn the intricacies of pet play, pain play, and domestic domination at the hands of his Mistresses.

Lady Victoria's Boots is a bonus story to the extended edition, with a young man sold into servitude to pay his family's debts, learning to become an accomplished bootlicker, pet, pony, and suitable husband to Lady Cynthia.

While these stories are largely non-sexual, there is no denying their erotic power. Dominant females and submissive males abound, with stories that are heavy on book licking, pet play, and very strict protocols. HER DOMAIN is very much the embodiment of Goddess Victoria Black's philosophy.

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