Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Submissive Men and the Women who Love Them (uncensored) Book 1

Let us be honest - when you think of Femdom erotica, the first thing that comes to mind is usually something other than charitable causes. That is part of why Submissive Men and the Women who Love Them (uncensored) Book 1 is such a pleasant surprise. All proceeds from the book are being donated to Doctors Without Borders, which is a great reason on its own to pick up a copy.

The other part of why this is such a pleasant surprise is the fact that it is not a professional anthology, but rather a labor of love put together by a group of Fetlife members. Yes, this is an amateur, self-published anthology, but nicely polished and well put-together.

What She Always Wanted by Lore of Love was an early favorite of mine, exploring a very non-stereotypical kind of female domination between a Mistress and her much-taller submissive . . . all within the bounds of a loving marriage.

Traffic Stop by Ted Underfoot was definitely one of the crueler stories, but still a very sexy fantasy of an anxious driver and the dominant cop who blatantly abuses her power over her roadside submissive with handcuffs, a crop, a violet bulb, and a rigged dildo.

A Knight to Remember by Anna Kochanka was pure fantasy - medieval fantasy - with a knight claimed from the field of battle by the Sisterhood, trained in their dungeons to be a shared submissive, and then sent upon a quest for M’Lady.

Cabin Boy by Nina Domme was another favorite, with a young man rescued from his raft by a female Captain with a need for a submissive cabin boy, who must first be broken of his idealistic fantasies by her stern hand an a harsh crew.

A Day on the Job by Ted Underfoot was a really interesting tale of mistaken identity, with a pair of dominatrix clients who find their fantasy scenarios swapped, leading a pet to discover that he may actually be something of a pain slut.

Her New Pet by Goddess Victoria Black is a powerful tale of revenge and submission, in which an arrogant, wealthy husband is punished for his indiscretions through some rather extreme (and comprehensive) pet training.

The Paddle by Ted Underfoot is one of the longer tales in the collection, taking us through the anticipation, anxieties, fantasies, and fears of a man whose wife beings by fulfilling all of his BDSM dreams, but then discovers she has some even wilder desires of her own.

Submitting to Lisa by Goddess Victoria Black is an exquisite story that deals with themes of female domination, humiliation, pet training, forced feminization, and reluctant bisexuality, taking a young man from the public admission of his fantasies to the public celebration of his new life. [You can read my complete review here.]

There are a variety of themes and fetishes explored her, from a variety of viewpoints. Personally, I find the submissive viewpoint the most interesting, but those who like to set into the mindset of a dominate woman will find a lot to enjoy here as well. A few of the stories were too short for my liking, and a few narrative styles did not work for me, but that is a testament to the variety between the pages.

The stories I highlighted above are well worth the price of admission, and with all the proceeds of Submissive Men and the Women who Love Them (uncensored) Book 1 going to charity, you really cannot lose.

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