Monday, January 4, 2016

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Submitting to Lisa by Goddess Victoria Black

Submitting to Lisa is a 4-part saga from Goddess Victoria Black that deals with themes of female domination, humiliation, pet training, forced feminization, and reluctant bisexuality. Part 1 begins with a lonely young man named Brian, who takes the bold step of sending a rather risque message to an school acquaintance on Facebook. Much to his surprise, she not only responds, but she is very interested in accepting his submission.

While there is undoubtedly a strong undercurrent of fantasy fulfillment to the story, it is a largely realistic tale of female domination. There are no elements of kidnapping, blackmail, or coercion involved, just the physical and emotional submission of Brian to his Mistress. Once a very public act of boot-licking demonstrates his sincerity, the story moves back to Lisa's house, where the pet training begins in earnest.

While the first chapter was told entirely from Brian's point-of-view, Part 2 introduces a number of scenes from Lisa's perspective, which really serve to ground the story and establish her dominance. His pet training continues throughout this chapter, but Goddess Victoria Black introduces some new fetishes to the story as well. Personally, I found his subtle feminization - with a thong, stockings, suspenders, and panties - to be a glorious addition to the story.

This second chapter also introduces a second Mistress to help guide Brian's submission. Anita is a far more stern and demanding woman than Lisa, and her presence serves to separate his affections for Lisa from his appreciation of a dominant female.

It is in Part 3 that the story gets really interesting, as Mistress Lisa brings in a new partner to aid in furthering the submission of Brian (now Brianna). This new addition is a nameless, faceless participant in the scene, there only to introduce the feminized slave into proper slut training. Brianna is made to beg for his touch, to plead for the privilege of pleasing him. The key here is that nothing is for their pleasure, but for that of Lisa, who carefully directs the encounter.

While many authors could have used this chapter to break Brianna, and to destroy her through humiliation, that is not what the Submitting to Lisa saga is about. Instead, Goddess Victoria Black uses it to further develop the overall theme of female domination, and the emotional/spiritual submission it involves.

Part 4, the final chapter of the saga, is both the tamest and the most significant of the stories. It starts with a simple statement "All of his senses were fully alive. He was intoxicated by them" that appropriately sums up Brian's experiences of the past year. He has become a true submissive to his Mistress, experiencing and appreciating her domination with all of his senses.

Goddess Victoria Black once again puts the theme of pet training at the forefront of the story, with Brian allowed to openly and sincerely demonstrate his submission in the very public confines of a club - but there is no fear here, no embarrassment, and no humiliation. Instead, it is simply a culmination of a spiritual journey, and one that ends with four rather delightful words that any submissive would be lucky to hear.

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