Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Feminized Hitler by Tabatha Austin

If I can borrow a line from the story, I Feminized Hitler is a tale that takes one of history's greatest monsters from dictator to dick-taker. It is an edgy tale, with the obvious potential for controversy, but Tabatha Austin does a wonderful job of weaving her story together.

The first half of the story is a smart, humorous look at the complexities of time travel. Austin builds the story slowly, with Jennifer revealing as much about how time travel works as how she has used it to change herself. It makes for a fun read, especially in how we learn it is more about travel between realities rather than times. By the time she decides to step back into Nazi Germany, it is clear that the technological augmentations she has collected over the years will be more than sufficient to subdue, control, and augment her monstrous target.

Austin packs a lot of humiliation into her story, while still managing to keep it dangerously erotic. Not only do we get to see Hitler feminized cosmetically and physically, but we get to see what happens when an Aryan sissy meets a black master. What makes the story work so well is the way Jennifer forces Hitler to use his talents as a leader and speech-maker to convey his inappropriate desires, perverting his language and his methods.

Considering how dark the story could have been, Austin does manage to keep the story light and erotic, while still doing justice to the idea of stopping Hitler's evil by breaking him of his power. I Feminized Hitler is a definite guilty pleasure that will have you cheering every new submission.

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