Monday, February 29, 2016

2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy by Samantha Sheridan

2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy is, as the cover will tell you, a strap-on femdom and feminization fantasy from the future. In fact, Samantha Sheridan has crafted a lengthy prologue that explains just how and why we arrived a such a future, where sexual values and gender politics have been turned on their head.

This is a future where men willingly become crossdressing sissies, hoping to attract a woman who can take care of them, and where women roam the clubs and bars with a strap-on secured around their waist. A nightmare for most, but a fetish-fueled fantasy for the rest of us, this is a world where the sissyhunters and sissychasers have all the power.

Thanks to Sheridan, we get to experience this new world through the eyes of one Mr. Williams, a lonely personal assistant, out-of-town on a training seminar, and eager to get his first taste of the strap-on scene. It is a scene that proves to far wilder and far more wanton than he could have anticipated, but I will leave the details for you to discover.

Needless to say, if you are hungry to see eager sissies getting used at both ends, pulling strap-on trains, and being molested in public, then you should do your research now, and make sure you are ready for 2027 when it arrives.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Freebie Fiction Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then that must been it's time for Freebie Fiction Friday . . . time to put the 'TG' in TGIF (and the 'FD' in Friday)!

Every Friday I take the initiative to search through thew newly free titles on Amazon, and to identify those that might be of interest to trans* readers, fans, and lovers. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, and covert it (if need be) with Calibre. I can tell you I do most of my reading on my tablet, using Kindle for PC, and it works beautifully.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, though, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.

Vanita, The Transsexual Vampire (Paranormal Superhero Erotica) (The Universe of Erotic and Genderbending Superheroes Book 3)

One Time Thing (The Trap Book 0)

Led By Her: A Dominant Female, Submissive Male Femdom Marriage Tale

Swapped Box Set (Gender Swap Transformation)

Switched and Shared: A Genital Swap Fantasy

Comic Con Futanari

Twink on Top: The Drag Queen and the Frat Boy

His Check-Up Illustrated: He Surrenders to a Beautiful DOctor

Office Female Domination - Part One: A Lisa Carroll Erotica Thriller (Mistress Alison's Pet Series Book 1)

The Inmate repopulation Program: Women Might Not Be the Best Choice for Giving Birth

Feminized Apprentice: The Ritual

Redneck Jerk Becomes a Mutant Hottie

Stolen For Him (Transgender Slave Erotica)

My Ladybird Story

Tanya Comes to Visit (Erotica for the Thinking Man (and Woman) Book 1)

Innocence Displayed (Futa College Exhibitionism 1)(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, College, Exhibitionism Erotica)

Dreambender Adventures: Smite (Dreambender Adventures Series Book 1)

Tongued Out (Gay Taboo Romance)