Monday, February 29, 2016

2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy by Samantha Sheridan

2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy is, as the cover will tell you, a strap-on femdom and feminization fantasy from the future. In fact, Samantha Sheridan has crafted a lengthy prologue that explains just how and why we arrived a such a future, where sexual values and gender politics have been turned on their head.

This is a future where men willingly become crossdressing sissies, hoping to attract a woman who can take care of them, and where women roam the clubs and bars with a strap-on secured around their waist. A nightmare for most, but a fetish-fueled fantasy for the rest of us, this is a world where the sissyhunters and sissychasers have all the power.

Thanks to Sheridan, we get to experience this new world through the eyes of one Mr. Williams, a lonely personal assistant, out-of-town on a training seminar, and eager to get his first taste of the strap-on scene. It is a scene that proves to far wilder and far more wanton than he could have anticipated, but I will leave the details for you to discover.

Needless to say, if you are hungry to see eager sissies getting used at both ends, pulling strap-on trains, and being molested in public, then you should do your research now, and make sure you are ready for 2027 when it arrives.

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