Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cuckolding Her Sissy Husband by Domina Dixon

Although it deals with different characters and tells a new story, Cuckolding Her Sissy Husband could almost serve as a spiritual sequel to Emasculating Her Husband. Where that story saw a proud, macho jerk broken by his wife, emasculated and lovingly humiliated, this one introduces us to a husband who has already become his wife's sissy, and whose humiliation is taken to the next level.

Domina Dixon takes us from spanking, to pegging, to cuckolding in quick succession, with a story that focuses on the power and pleasure of femininity, but which also gets inside the head of the submissive sissy. Richard does not enjoy his humiliation, but he secretly likes it, creating an awkward internal divide. I would have liked more scenes from his perspective, to understand how his emasculation feels, but I know that is not the focus.

The relationship here is not as loving as in the last book - in fact, Charlotte is a woman I disliked almost as much as I admired - but I quite liked the introduction of one of Richard's old coworkers into his humiliation. She rounds out the story nicely, and the final chapter with Charlotte's new lover is cuckolding done right.

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