Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Emasculating Her Husband by Domina Dixon

With Emasculating Her Husband, Domina Dixon begins by taking one of our greatest fears and turns into one of our wildest fantasies. Patrick is horrified to be caught indulging in a little crossdressing and self-bondage, but as angry as she initially is about his lies and his secrets, Theresa soon recognizes an opportunity to take complete control of their relationship.

That is, of course, where the feminization comes in . . . but it is with the involvement of her niece that the emasculation begins. Betraying your sissy urges before your wife is one thing, but having her college-aged niece actively participate takes the humiliation to a whole other level.

What I loved most about this story is that it is done (almost) entirely without cruelty. Even in their darkest, wildest, kinkiest moments, Theresa still loves her sissified hubby. She takes total control over him and their life together, forcing him into chastity and pegging him mercilessly, but it is all about the erotic thrill of the power exchange. Where the cruelty comes in is with Megan, but it makes sense given her temporary place in the house.

As for Patrick, I loved the fact that he was not instantly broken or magically revealed to be the perfect submissive. He knows, deep down, that he is a sissy, so he overcompensates by being a macho jerk. When the emasculation begins, he fights his urges, resents it, and despises himself for allowing it to happen, but he also wants it, needs it, and enjoys it. His wife takes him farther than he ever dreamed - and even introduces a few fetishes I was surprised by - but it all makes for a well-written, sexy, powerful story.

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