Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gamer Girl 3: MMOh! by Lyka Bloom

Gamer Girl began with a lazy, bitter, lonely video game tester still hurting from the recent breakup with his girlfriend. His petty act of virtual revenge backfired on him (courtesy of NuWay), slowly transforming him into the slutty goth girl on screen. Gamer Girl: Player 2 moved onto a rich loner, hurting from a sudden breakup of his own, who found a NuWay suit on the black market and decided to take control of his own transformation.

With Gamer Girl 3: MMOh!Lyka Bloom begins weaving the story threads together,with NuWay now known as ChangeU, and a young hacker forced to investigate their technology for the FBI. It makes for a fun story, complete with a young man who is foolish enough to think he is really the one in control, an FBI agent ambitious enough to foolishly risk herself to the suit, and the lovely (and megalomaniacal) DiDi whose game extends far beyond just a pair of simple transformations.

As is always the case with Bloom's stories, the transformations are the highlight here, taking place on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. The helpless, insatiable bimbo element is always a lot of fun, and the futa domination puts it over the top. We are really just starting to get an idea of the bigger picture, so it will be interesting to see where the story goes next.

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  1. Love your stories girl. Hoping adj is well in your world. I could use some therapy today, as clueless as too what job to take haha. It's like getting harder & harder to think these days. Not exactly sure as to why though.