Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Challenge by Martha Z. Kleine

When Michael is caught not paying attention in class, he first makes the mistake of complaining about his school uniform, and then compounds his error by calling his teacher's bluff regarding an alternative. While he thinks he will be getting off easy, spending the rest of the day in his far more comfortable gym clothes, Miss Chambers has other ideas.

The Challenge is the first book of The Teacher's Pet by Martha Z. Kleine, and it is a remarkable tale. It's a true female domination tale, concerned more with the spiritual, psychological, and physical power exchange than any sort of eroticism - but there is pleasure to be found in it.

Sentenced to wear a girls school uniform (complete with blouse, tights, kilt, blazer and a straw boater) for the rest of term, Michael finds himself powerless to resist. I will not spoil how the plot develops from there, except to say that it does take us beyond his school years to an accidental discovery of Miss Chambers career as a professional dominatrix, but I will say that this is a story that's all about the details.

Little things like the tone of  Miss Chambers voice, the click of her heels, and the looks she gives establish her dominant character. As for Michael, it is little things like the feeling of elation in being dressed, the way her punishments make him feel funny, and his perplexing need to please her that establish his submission. The Challenge itself does not come until the last part of the story, but his chastity promises to be the first stage in a long downward spiral of submission.

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