Thursday, March 17, 2016

Becoming His Boyfriend by Zoe S. Figueroa

If you are looking for a fun story of gender transformation from the other side, so to speak, then Becoming His Boyfriend is quite delightful. Paola is a young woman who is planning to surprise her boyfriend with a birthday threesome. Pretty simple stuff, except the woman she chooses just happens to be a cute little witch who takes a few liberties with the fantasy.

Paola's slow transformation into a man is well done, and I liked the way Zoe S. Figueroa initially played it off as a strange illness, before having Fiona admit that her spell was a bit premature. Post transformation, there are some nice scenes of Paola learning to walk and talk like a man, but it is the way she comes to understand how differently society sees her that is really interesting.

To say that it all ends with some sexy fun should hardly be a surprise, but the way Matias overcomes his shyness with his new boyfriend is as sweet as it is sexy.

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