Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Casino of Change by Lyka Bloom

Lyka Bloom is one of those authors who is never content to tell the same story twice. Every new release from her enchanted pen seems to delve into a new genre, a new realm of imagination, with dark eroticism being the only constant.

With Casino of Change she offers us an old-fashioned ghost story about restless spirits, an abandoned casino, and the haunting of four young friends. It is a very creepy story, told with just the right amount of atmosphere, that reminds me of both an old Twilight Zone episode and the original literary version of The Shining. It is unsettling on so many levels, yet undeniably attractive at the same time.

This is less a story about transformation and more one about possession. Daphne, Reece, Christie, and Wallace all see something (or someone) unique to themselves, a vision or experience in which the others do not share. Deep down, they all suspect something is very wrong, but they just cannot find it within themselves to refuse the seductive whispers of those spirits surrounding them. There is, of course, at least one gender transformation (done in stages, through bets on the blackjack table), and a futa spirit who I suspect we will be seeing much more of.

Chilling and sexy at the same time, Casino of Change promises to be a very interesting start to a new series.

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