Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day of the F-Virus by Lyka Bloom

With Day of the F-Virus, Lyka Bloom weaves a post-apocalyptic adventure where the only thing more scare than hope is men. With most of the world's men already turned into submissive bimbos, and most of them women into Amazonian futa savages, a lone group of scientists is working underground, desperately searching for a cure.

This is a story of multiple conflicts, with the most dangerous risk coming not from the virus above, but from the trigger-happy soldiers and borderline psychotic scientists below. With no cure in sight, everyone has become desperate, with tensions strained and trust all but eroded. To make matters worse, one scientist figures that if they cannot cure the virus, then maybe they can alter it - and he is not above using his peers as guinea pigs.

While there are some sexy moments, and the nature of the virus itself is extraordinarily exciting, this is a dark tale that is as full of violence as it is sex. My only complaint is that we never get to see more than a glimpse of a man being infected, but readers looking for a little futa-on-female action will be delighted.

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