Monday, March 7, 2016

Feminized for Sex Ed by Alyssa Paige

Who ever knew that failing a class could be so educational . . . and so much fun? In parts 1-3 of Feminized for Sex EdAlyssa Paige introduces us to Liam Hart, a young man failing what he thought would be an easy class. Fortunately, the stunning Professor Meadows is only too happy to assign him an extra credit project, and as humiliating as it might be, there is no denying that becoming a submissive sissy is very much a part of Human Sexuality.

This is a fun story that is heavy on themes of female domination, sissification, chastity, and humiliation. There is a lot of crying and embarrassment involved, for those who love the emotional aspect, and just as much spanking and pegging for those who prefer the physical aspect. It is remarkable how quickly and how absolutely Liam learns to submit to the whims of the women in his life, and as guilty as we may feel for enjoying his torment, we can also see the deep inner satisfaction blossoming within the young sissy.

Professor Meadows and Raven are fantastic characters, two very different women who give us a unique perspective on female domination. Their career choices could not be more different, but they are perfectly placed to take advantage of the sissies to cross their paths.

Already sissified and humiliated, Liam finds himself pushed to new levels of sexual submission in parts 4-6 of Feminized for Sex Ed. As Alyssa Paige picks up the story, Raven and her friends are prepping Liam for his first public outing as a girl . . . and his first dance with another man. The focus in these chapters shifts subtly, introducing an element of coerced bisexuality to his sissification, but it it still exquisitely humiliating and deliciously pleasurable.

There is a lot of verbal humiliation in these chapters, so those readers who love hearing a sissy admit to his secret desires to be used by a real man will enjoy this immensely. Similarly, the introduction of Liam's closest, oldest friend is a very nice touch, especially the way in which she so enthusiastically responds to his sissification.

This second collection also introduces us to another young student who has been enjoying Professor Meadows' extra-credit assignments. Grace proves to us how far and for how long the good Professor can sustain a submissive, and the weekend she and Liam are allowed to spend together may be one of the most erotically stimulating things I have ever read.

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