Monday, March 21, 2016

HuCow Transformation by Reed James

For a short story - the first in the HuCow & the Futa Doctor series, and the latest in the Aphrodite Sisterhood universe - HuCow Transformation certainly has a lot to offer.

This time out, Reed James merges a few of his favorite fetishes to give us a story of first times, lesbians, futa fun, lactation, medical play, and even a bit of mind control (or, at the very least, hormonal submission).

Rose is a beautiful, ample-bosomed virgin with a tease of a roommate and a body that betrays its lust a little too freely. As she makes her way across town for her first gynecological exam, she already has sex on the brain and futas in her imagination, thanks to her roommate's stories. She knows she is being silly, and does not for a moment expect her fantasies to come true . . . until they do.

There is just a lovely degree of detail to this story, with a nice emotional / intellectual aspect to it, getting us deep inside Rose's head, and even more fantastic physical sensations (feel, smell, and taste), getting us deep inside Rose herself. Dr. Pauler and her assistant may be unforgivably unprofessional, but they are the stuff of dreams, with abilities that we can only dream of.


  1. One has to admit, ate hot, as watching a few puff them go art FutgoIt's like I could feel every thrust in newit the other day on tumblr. I could feel every thrust n Haas to rub nips in delight. Reminds me of the Futa hypnosis. God it's like I practically melt.

    Just imagine being turned into a Hucow

  2. Yummy hotness for site. Often times feel like someone cursed me by turning me into online hypnos. As using them previously for other feats. As messed up as they ate, it's like one can never stop, as they just feel so good