Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Button by Zoe S. Figueroa

Ashley and Camero are a happily married couple who met because of their shared appreciation for the flexibility of gender and gender roles. It's allowed them to incorporate a lot of role playing and fetish foreplay in their relationship, but things have become somewhat tired and commonplace after the years.

That's when The Button arrives on their doorstep, along with a mysterious letter promising them the chance to live out their fantasies . . . for real . . . just once . . . with the guarantee of a return to their original bodies.

Zoe S. Figueroa has subtitled this A Gender Transformation Novella Told From Parallel Perspectives, and that is fitting. There are actually two stories here, allowing us to experience the gender swap from both perspectives. It is a lovely tale, both romantic and erotic, with a wonderful approach to the idea of parallel lives and parallel memories.

The ending is absolutely perfect, but I would recommend reading the stories in parallel to preserve the mystery.

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