Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Samantha-Morphosis: He Became a Little Girl by Mindi Flyth

For those of you who are Mindi Flyth fans, you already know that her novellas present ingenious stories about gender transformation. The Samantha-Morphosis: He became a Little Girl is her latest effort and it doesn't disappoint. Loosely based on Franz Kafka's classic tale, The Metamorphosis, a grotesque novella about a man who awakens one morning to find that he has turned into a giant insect, author Flyth has his main character in "Samantha-Morphosis..." transmogrify into a little girl, something I believe to be not nearly out of line with the wishes of the majority of readers of this genre.

However, Sam doesn't see it that way, although he now presents as a lovely little feminine being, he is totally grossed out by both his gender change and his age regression. With the assistance, prodding and support of some of the compassionate and accepting members of his immediate family (not his dad, though), Sam is tasked with the job of coming to terms with who he has become.

In the Kafka story, the protagonist’s adaptation to a giant verminous insect proves to be impossible and not even considered, but Flyth puts a more loving spin on things here. After the story wraps up, as Flyth often does, she has penned a word or two about how this tale came to be and what it means in her own life. Very enjoyable!

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