Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Am Woman: Surviving the Past, the Present, & the Future by Daliah Husu

I believe that author Daliah Hasu, in "I Am Woman: Surviving the Past, the Present & the Future," tried to put her best efforts into this work and no doubt, sought out and engaged the services of an editor who did a fine job in polishing up the finished product. However, the end result was quite disappointing as this work, although interesting, was nothing special. If you are waiting for some depth to emerge, you will not find much of that here.

This memoir had a great deal more promise than it actually delivered. Although the author clearly is an individual who has struggled mightily in her life and she relates events and their associated conflicts and difficulties throughout, she describes them in a manner that, while interesting and readable, packs little punch and is lacking in much substance.

If you're looking for a book that's kind of a 30,000 foot overview of a person's life, a life full of tumult and reinvention of self, you might enjoy this memoir. Otherwise, if you're wanting something deeper, perhaps an in-depth study about a person's inner struggles with the anguish, guilt and shame of a person who undergoes transition of gender roles may experience, you may find this work to be lacking.  Some other areas I found to be rather weak were in the author's dealing with her coming to terms with her ongoing substance issues (which she never addresses) and why she continuously has seemingly turned to co-dependence with both men and women to fulfill herself as a person.

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