Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Wife Turned Me Into a Lipstick Lesbian by Jessie Ash

While I found this to be an interesting story, and quite enjoyed being surprised by the way it developed, the title/blurb are a bit misleading. My Wife Turned Me Into a Lipstick Lesbian is less about lesbian role-playing within a marriage, and more about straight gender transformation.

In hindsight, I suspect that bit of misdirection is intentional on Jessie Ash's part, since she does leave us clues in the blurb. Looking back, there are words and terms that jump out at me and paint a different picture than the overall blurb did. Quite clever, and a clever story as well. There is a lot of mystery to this one. some unexpected twists, and a series of reveals that lead Will to discover what is really going on.

Although undeniably erotic, there is not as much actual sex here as you might expect. It is more about thoughts, feelings, and overall identity than experience, and the overall story arc is entirely satisfying.

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  1. Never a dull moment on your recommendations. ThankU as well as thoughtful of you to share

  2. I will never buy anything from Jessie Ash again. Bad enough that the intersection of lesbian and tg is so rare, but to deliberately troll and mislead us like this is disgusting bull****

    My thanks to you for accurate tagging. It's nice to see.