Monday, April 25, 2016

Rise of the F-Virus by Lyka Bloom

In Day of the F-Virus, Lyka Bloom introduced us to a post-apocalyptic world that was still in the throes of radical change. The F-virus was running rampant, with no cure in sight, with men being turned into submissive bimbos, and women into Amazonian futa savages.

When we last left that world, a desperate scientist had decided that a mutation is the next best thing to a cure, and decided to use his peers as guinea pigs. As Rise of the F-Virus opens, that clandestine experiment is running rampant through the team, with a careful infection of the scientists, followed by a sexual ambush of the soldiers.

This feels very much like a middle chapter, a bridge between establishing and furthering the plot, but that is okay. Here we not only get to see multiple transformations, but the full evolution of the subjects. We get to see hype-masculine soldiers helplessly kneeling before futa members, and previously meek and submissive scientists luxuriating in their newfound sexual power. There is a little bit of something here for every fetish or preference.

What is most interesting about this second volume, though, is the doubts and questions that it raises. Has the virus truly mutated or just delayed the more extreme alterations? Can the women truly control the sexual rage inside them? And, finally, what happens when Robin leads her new brood to the surface? Not quite as dark or violent as the first chapter, this one definitely focuses on the eroticism of the transformations, but you know Lyka is setting us up for even bigger things to come (no pun intended!).

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