Monday, April 4, 2016

Second Time Around by Stacey Zackerly

In Second Time Around, author Stacey Zackerly has penned an interesting, enlightening, and introspective novella that examines life from the point of view of a terminally ill old man who miraculously gets a second chance - this time as a beautiful young woman.

Although this now transformed oldster initially deeply regrets his decision to change genders, his will to survive quickly kicks in to override his fears and prejudices. He learns that he can effectively utilize his womanly assets and intellect to create happiness for himself (now, of course, herself).  In so doing, she realizes that a fulfilled life for her is a blending of love, sexuality, art, caring and compassion.

The double standard and misogynistic thinking that she once held as a man begins to crumble and she now sees the world from the other side of the equation.

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