Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sissy at Your Service by Chanel Ashby

Please Note: The following review is suitable for adults only.

Sissy at Your Service by Chanel Ashby

QUILTBAG Content: Something of a mixed bag here with a protagonist who crossdresses out of convenience, a housewife who is a part-time lesbian, and a wealthy businessman who enjoys a gay encounter (even if he doesn't realize it).

Fetish Content: It all begins with some convenient crossdressing, leads into some erotic pegging, involves some intense squirting, develops into a first gay experience, and ends with the promise of some female domination and humiliation. Fun stuff.

Literary Quality: Other than the fact that Charlie voluntarily adopts a second career as a sissy maid (and passes) much too easily, this was a well-written piece of erotica. There's a sold narrative, character development, and interesting dialogue, all wrapped up with nicely details scenes of eroticism.

Spank Bank Rating: This was one sexy read, with a little something to offer for all tastes. The emphasis is heavy on oral pleasure, but there's more fun to be had.

Overall: Other than wishing there was some sort of explanation or justification offered for Charlie's sudden crossdressing, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and found myself envying his new life as a paid sissy maid.

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