Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Nail Ring by Zoe S. Figueroa

Subtitled A Gender Transformation, Sexuality Swapping NovellaThe Nail Ring is just a marvelous tale, full of thought, emotion, passion, and a thorough understanding of gender politics.

Zoe S. Figueroa weaves the tale of a nice guy named Nick who slips a cursed ring onto his finger at an outdoor market, but then is too proud to pay the $20 to get it removed. It does not take long before the nature of the curse makes itself apparent, and Nick finds himself become the perfect lover of whomever happens to touch the ring - regardless of gender, orientation, race, size, or background.

The transformations here are exquisite, as Nick's body and clothes morph into the form of each perfect lover. Having him imbued with the knowledge and experiences of each lover is important, because it is what elevates this over mere gender-swap porn. Nick engages his lovers in conversation, making an intellectual connection and sparking a friendship before rolling into bed.

Similarly, the way Zoe shifts the story from fear and anxiety to joy and exploration is wonderful, carrying the story into new territory. Finally, the ending is absolutely perfect, sealing the romance I had longed to see all along.

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