Monday, May 2, 2016

Cole Underneath by Donna Jay

Laci on Top, the first book in Donna Jay's romantic femdom series, was a delightful surprise. It was an realistic portrayal of sexual awakening, exploration, and satisfaction, all within the bounds of a traditional (happy) marriage.

The cover blurb for Cole Underneath promises to "turn up the heat," and it indeed does just that, but without ever losing sight of the realism and the relationship. This time around we find a Laci who is far more comfortable in her dominant role, and a Cole who has found the fulfillment he craves in submission.

Things start getting interesting when Laci finds a homemade queening chair hidden in the closet, and then has to blunder her way through an awkward explanation to her best friend. It is a scene that reminds us of how deftly Jay blends emotions, arousing and amusing the reader, while sharing affections. The power exchange here is wonderfully done, with honest discussions about trust at the heart of the tale, and the questions and doubts just make it that much more exciting

It is not all fun and games, though, as Jay uses two pivotal events to remind us that life (and a relationship) needs sorrow for us to appreciate the joy. Without spoiling the joy of discovery, I will say things do end on a happy note, and Laci finally gets to indulge her wildest dominant dreams.

All in all, Cole Underneath is another lovely story from the pen of Donna Jay that blends eroticism, romance, and drama in one perfect package.

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