Monday, May 9, 2016

Seducing the Futa Patron by Reed James

Seducing the Futa Patron is a really fun story that combines gender transformation, futa domination, female domination, bondage, medical play, and the intent (if not the realization . . . at least, not yet) of breeding.

At 18 or so books into the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe (don't worry, you do not need any prior knowledge of Reed James to enjoy) male-to-female and female-to-futa transformations have been perfected, but there still remains one erotic barrier to science. Nobody has been able to find a way to allow futa women to impregnate their lovers, but Dr. Gwen is determine to be the first - with her boyfriend-turned-wife the lucky intended recipient.

The medical play between lovers is a lot of fun, with each of them making an attempt to stay in character, but completely allowing their lust to rule them. As always, the emergence of Dr. Gwen's futa qualities is delicious, and the eagerness with which Charlize accepts her is just lovely. The scenes with Madam Deumont, their would-be-investor are rather exciting as well, and I loved the fact that this futa billionaire's wife may be dressed as a rather stunning french maid, but is naturally female.

Sexy and smart, with a little bit of continued world-building that you do not generally see in erotica, Seducing the Futa Patron is another stunning addition to the ample shelves of Reed James.

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