Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sissy Dreams: Collection 7 by Paul Zante

It has been far too long since I last kicked my heels off, hiked up my skirt, and enjoyed the one-handed joys of Paul Zante. That man  not only knows how to write a story, he knows how to write sissy crossdressers to whom we can relate.

Sissy Dreams: Chris & Chyna opens Sissy Dreams: Collection 7 with a tale that's cute, funny, sexy, and sweet. Chyna is a closeted fetish crossdresser who has a serious crush on the young woman downstairs. When she comes to him for comfort after a big fight, and he's still dressed in stiletto heels and white PVC, a rather amusing bit of slapstick takes place before his drunken neighbor begins playing the John to his whore. It gets rather hot and heated, but I loved the sweet way it ended.

Office Sissy: Company Policy is actually a continuation of a pair of stories that I had some issues with, but they're forgiven and forgotten here. As Steve prepares for another day at work, with some odd lingerie-themed instructions from his boss, the tone and feel of the story feels just right. Here is a man in an impossible situation, being pushed even farther, and blackmailed into a future he can only imagine. It's a dark story, but incredibly erotic.

For Hire: My First Time was, far and away, my favorite story here. Peter is such a cute little sissy, far too innocent and naive to be real, but exactly the kind of sissy we dream of becoming. This is a story that just heaps one surprise on top of another, getting kinkier and sexier as it goes. I will not spoil the fun, but know that a submissive sissy, a dominant shemale, and room full of bikers makes for one heck of a party.

If you’ve never experienced Paul Zante before, then this is a great place to begin.

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