Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gender Proof by Jessie Ash

Mix a desperate grad student, a lonely professor, a greedy med student, and an untested surgical process, and you get Gender Proof. This was a bit of an odd story, in that it could have either been a lot darker or a lot more technical, but Jessie Ash strikes a comfortable balance between mad science and wish fulfillment in what ends up being a surprisingly romantic tale.

Kevin is a smart guy, finishing up his degree in behavioral psychology, but he tends to play it too safe . . . too serious. When his professor rejects his final research study on tadpoles, he has no choice but to go with his roommate's suggestion of exploring reverse sexism with the help of a temporary, completely reversible sex change called Gendora Tempora.

As a woman, Kevin has to learn how to walk, talk, and act in keeping with his new body. He has to deal with flattery, seduction, and even some borderline harassment, but he also finds romance, discovering a lot about himself. There is some nice drama to the tale, and even some real danger in the closing chapters. I would have loved to see Jessie take things a bit further, and explore more of his struggles, but that is testament to how much I enjoyed the story.

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