Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hot Live Futa Show by Reed James

A lesbian metal band gives a wild concert attended by a pair of naughty futas!

That, right there, is all I needed to know about Hot Live Futa Show to make it a must-read. Well, that and the fact that it is written by the ever-reliable, ever-entertaining, ever-arousing Reed James.

The Clit Flickers are an all lesbian thrash metal band, known as much for their erotic stage show as they are for the extreme sexual innuendo of their songs. Washington College is sexually progressive school in Seattle, where the girls of the self-proclaimed futa club openly worship their dorm's Queen. It is those very same girls who convinced the college to invite the band, and they intend to make the concert one to remember.

Reed James does a glorious job of capturing the over-the-top antics of a highly sexualized heavy metal concert, right from the band's antics to the crowd's reaction. He turns what is often portrayed as a very straight, very masculine sort of atmosphere into something wholly feminine and completely sapphic. It is an atmosphere filled with breathless passion, and it is clear the band feeds off that sexual energy. I loved the way the story played with the futa mystery, showing just enough for the reader to understand what was going on, but keeping the band in the dark. Once the futa secret is out (courtesy of a succulent surprise snowball), and the action moves backstage, the story really starts racing to a climax.

There is so much to love here, so much detail to enjoy, you just know you are going to come out of it desperate for more. Really, all that is missing is a soundtrack. While you could settle for following the newly christened Bent Gender to their biggest Gender-Bending Concert yet, you are really better off avoiding the lines, bypassing the scalpers, and getting yourself front-row seats with the entire Bent Gender Collection.

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