Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Meido by Lyka Bloom

Oh my goodness, Meido was such a fun, sexy story! Combining fetishes for anime cosplay, French maid crossdressing, and absolute submission, this is a story where execution is everything. There may not be a lot of surprises to the plot, but Lyka Bloom can build characters and set a scene like few others in the genre.

It all starts when Derek tries to order the perfect maid's costume for his girlfriend. Not wanting to go traditional and slutty, he gathers individual pieces online to create the perfect Japanese-inspired costume. When one of his orders prompts a bright red warning message that he cannot read, he proceeds anyway, assuming it is just your standard shopping car warning. First mistake.

He thinks nothing of the fact that the bonnet arrives in a completely unnecessary, well-decorated wooden box; ignores the Japanese warning note contained inside; dismisses the thrum of power that emanates from the bonnet; and decides to try it on himself. Second mistake.

With the bonnet in place, Derek's mind and body transform into those of a petite Japanese maid. Completely feminine, completely submissive, and wholly Japanese, he very quickly forgets himself and sets about cleaning the house and making dinner for Casey-san. After a comical misunderstanding with this intruder in her house, Casey eventually tries the bonnet on herself, and the two lovers share a wonderful night . . . before she convinces Derek to try it again. Last mistake.

I loved the magic involved here, and the shift in personality that Derek undergoes. Watching him struggle to remember himself, even as he finds perfect happiness and contentment as a maid, makes for a delicious story. The erotic moments are, as always, gorgeous detailed and sensuous, but this is really a story that works best in the mind. As for the final twist, even if you see it coming (as I am sure most readers will), the way it is handled really ends the story on a high note.

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