Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sam's New Life by Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta

While my own tastes in forced feminization stories tend to fall more under the erotic, submissive umbrella of self-discovery, there is no doubt that stories of cruelty and humiliation have their place. They free us from our own desires, erase all questions of fear and shame, and transfer ownership of the fantasy to someone else entirely.

As a writing team, Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta are especially adept at capturing the darker side of the genre. Many of their stories do see a victim broken and able to realize his hidden sissy nature, and some even flirt with moments of romance and tenderness as a result, but it is the process of forced feminization that dominates, not the end result. Whether the victim ever finds happiness is far less important than whether the woman in charge is satisfied with her efforts.

Sam's New Life is a particularly intense tale from their collection, involving multiple young women who all have a hand in humiliating poor Sam. It all begins with his step-sister and her best friend, before their schemes grow to encompass even more of their friends, with a rival group of girls getting in on the action later on. This is a story built on blackmail and threats of exposure, leading Sam make some very difficult choices to protect his privacy. Cruelty is the predominant theme throughout, with nary a word wasted on allowing Sam to enjoy his predicament, but it is all for a purpose – although that is not revealed until the very end.

Although I suspect the most appreciative audience of these tales is dominant women looking to vicariously enjoy the humiliation of a sissy, there is significant appeal for those of us who identify more closely with Sam. Even if he is never permitted such pleasures himself, we can vicariously enjoy the process of feminization, luxuriating in the clothing, the cosmetics, and the public expression. The situations he finds himself in are unquestionably embarrassing, but we can always see that glimmer of hope or delight where we might respond differently.

Of course, all such stories must have a point, a destination in mind, and the final reveal here is one of my favorite from Kylie & Claudia. I will say no more, because part of its power is in the surprise, but I came out of this one with a smile.

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