Thursday, June 9, 2016

Son to Daughter: A Mother's Day Special Gift by Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear

Of all the stories I have read from Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear, I do have to say that Son to Daughter: A Mother's Day Special Gift is their oddest yet.

The story opens innocently enough (and on a rather sweet note) with a mother's discovery of her 19 year-old son's crossdressing. While shocked and initially confused, she does some research before confronting him about it, and ends up taking a very supportive role in helping him to express that side of himself. It makes for a lovely few chapters, a dream that I am sure many of us have had, culminating in Connor going all out to provide a special mother-daughter Mother's Day adventure.

All is good and sweet up to that point, but then it gets odd. As the cover blurb promises, mom decides that she really likes the idea, and starts pushing Connor (now Caitlyn) into some rather extreme age play - right from diapered infant girl to sweet sixteen princess. The story actually goes even farther to solidify that mother-daughter bond, but the ending is something you must grow into yourselves.

Like I said, it is an odd story, but never icky or creepy. Despite the age play and some public humiliations, Courtney and Claire maintain the sweet-and-innocent feel, and do a lovely job of portraying the mother we have all dreamed of.

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