Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tattooed and Feminized by Tabatha Dallas

The only thing sweeter than seeing an arrogant bigot get what's coming to him is seeing an innocent sissy discovering herself for the first time. Fortunately, with Tattooed and Feminized, Tabatha Dallas gives us both at the same time.

Tim is a sad little man, an underpaid government employee who is full of righteous indignation over the way 'those people' are coming in and ruining the community. Having failed repeatedly to get Dante's tattoo parlor shut down, he reluctantly accepts a bribe to put an end to the harassment. Unfortunately, as smart as he was about not getting caught, Dante was even smarter.

With his career and his reputation on the line, Tim has no choice but to become the tramp-stamped sissy that Dante has always dreamed of. This was an intense, fast-moving story of domination and submission (with some inventive bondage involved), forced feminization (with a delicious amount of detail), public humiliation (including an audience of the sissy's first tattoo), and the loss of Tim's oral/anal virginity (complete with the realization that he likes it).

Fun and sexy, with just enough of an edge to keep things interesting, Tattooed and Feminized is one of the more original forced feminization tales I have enjoyed in quite some time. As much as I hated Tim at the start, and hoped he would suffer for his ignorance, I am always happy to see a sissy find herself.

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