Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thanks for your Patience - Reviews Coming Soon

Just a quick note to thank everyone (authors and readers alike) for their patience over the last month. Life in the office have been brutal, with far too many long days, late nights, and absent weekends. It has been so bad, I even missed our family vacation, which (in my eyes) is inexcusable.

I actually have done a lot of reading over that time - mostly during my frustrated pacing of the parking lot at the office, or my angry walks around the block when working from home - but I have not had the time or the opportunity to write up the reviews. Fortunately, I do jot down thoughts and comments in my tattered journal, so I just need to turn them into coherent sentences.

Anyway, I seem to have a rare couple days of breathing room this weekend (my next month-long headache kicks off Monday afternoon), so my plan is to write as many of those reviews as I can, and then schedule them to run over the next couple of weeks. A few hints as to what you can look forward to . . .



  1. So sorry to hear that Sally. I hope you get to take a for-real vacation with your family soon. I'm impressed you were able to keep up with the Friday Freebies. Don't work yourself too hard!

    1. Yeah, keeping up with them was hard, and the posts were late, but they have become something of a defining feature so I tried my best. Really hoping a new job comes along soon. :)