Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Corporate Takeover: Climbing the Ladder by Lyka Bloom

The first rule of being a misogynistic jerk is to always know your audience. Well, actually, the first rule is to NOT be a misogynistic jerk, but you get the idea. :)

Unfortunately for Byron, online harasser for the Male Rights Movement, he is far too full of his own masculine self-importance to ever suspect that a mere, irrational woman could ever get the best of him. Well, they can, and they did, and he is about to experience an unexpected Corporate Takeover that will leave him with some tough choices in Climbing the Ladder.

Lyka Bloom has a lot of fun with this one, using subtle mind control triggers and not-so-subtle surgeries to give Byron a chance to prove his misogyny wrong. He has within him the potential to be a strong, confident, successful woman . . . but only if he can play against his own expectations of the fairer sex. This is a short tale, but one with a nice little payoff at the end.

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